Install recommended 3rd party libraries

As described in the software architecture, ViSP exploit several optional 3rd party libraries that may be used to enable some capabilities. We recommend to install the one given in the following table. Note that ViSP installation tutorials provide instructions to install them.

3rd party  logo-linux  logo-apple-alpha  logo-win-alpha Used in module Capabilities
OpenCV +++ +++ +++ core, vision, io, gui, klt, mbt Image wrapper, video I/O, display, keypoint, calibration
X11 +++ +++ gui Display
GDI +++ gui Display
lapack ++ ++ ++ core Matrix pseudo-inversion
pthread ++ ++ ++ core Wireframe simulator
xml2 ++ ++ ++ core, vision, mbt XML parsers
zbar ++ ++ ++ detection QR code detection
v4l2 ++ sensor Webcam acquisition
dc1394 ++ ++ sensor Firewire camera acquisition
cmu1394 ++ sensor Firewire camera acquisition
aria + + + robot Pioneer mobile robot control
ogre + + + mbt, ar Augmented reality and model-based tracker visibility

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