X11 3rd party

X11 licensed under the terms of the X11 license is used in ViSP to render images in a window thanks to vpDisplayX class. X11 is one of the optional 3rd parties supported by ViSP gui module.

Hereafter we provide installation instructions for the following OS:

 logo-ubuntu-alpha  logo-debian logo-fedora logo-redhat logo-redhat  logo-apple-alpha
Ubuntu Debian Fedora RedHat CentOS OSX

Ubuntu or debian installation

On Linux Debian or Ubuntu, you may install X11 with apt-get:

sudo apt-get install libx11-dev

Fedora, RedHat or CentOS installation

On Linux Fedora, RedHat or CentOS you may install X11 with yum:

su -c "yum install libX11-devel"

Mac OSX installation

Under OSX X11 should be provided as a system library.

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