Blob tracker module overview

ViSP blob tracker module contains basic algorithms able to track a blob defined by a region that has a similar gray level that could be isolated by image thresholding; typically a black object on a white backgound or vice versa.

The source code documentation shows which are the corresponding classes part of blob module.

This module doesn’t require any third-party library.

The following video give an overview of this module:

Tracking of four points using the dot tracker.
[source code]

Use case: Tracking for an Augmented Reality application

During the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) opening keynote, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich introduced the Intel Joule compute module. Using an Intel Joule with glasses from French company PivotHead, Intel demonstrate an augmented reality application that was using ViSP.

Augmented Reality application using ViSP blob tracker running on an Intel Joule module connected to Pivothead glasses.


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