Yarp 3rd party

Yarp is a middleware for humanoid robots and more… licensed under the terms of the GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1 licenses. Yarp is one of the optional 3rd parties supported by ViSP core module.

ViSP is interfaced with Yarp to provide a bridge between those two libraries, in order to give the oportunity to YARP users like iCub developers to use ViSP algorithms. For the moment we provide a bridge for images in vpImageConvert class.

Yarp can be downloaded for any platform from http://wiki.icub.org/yarpdoc/download.html.

Installation instructions for the following OS are provided here http://wiki.icub.org/yarp/specs/dox/user/html/install.html

 logo-ubuntu-alpha  logo-debian  logo-apple-alpha  logo-win-alpha
Ubuntu Debian OSX Windows

Tip and tricks

If Yarp is not detected during ViSP configuration with CMake, you can add YARP_DIR environment variable that points to the folder containing YARPConfig.cmake file.

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