dmtx 3rd party

This 3rd party library is interfaced since ViSP 2.10.0 and is one of the optional 3rd parties supported by ViSP detection modules.

libdmtx is open source software suite for reading and writing Data Matrix barcodes on Linux, Unix, OS X, Windows, and mobile devices. The core library is distributed under the simplified BSD license.

Hereafter we provide installation instructions for the following OS:

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Ubuntu Debian Fedora RedHat OSX Windows

Ubuntu or debian installation

On Linux Debian or Ubuntu, you may install the package with:

sudo apt-get install libdmtx-dev

Fedora or RedHat installation

On Fedora or RedHat, you may install the package with yum:

su -c "yum install libdmtx-devel"

Mac OSX installation

On OSX you may install the package with homebrew:

brew install libdmtx

Windows installation

You should install the library from source. The dmtx wiki page gives some useful information.

Tips and tricks

If installed in a non common place like /usr or /usr/local, you can set “LIBDMTX_DIR” environment variable to libdmtx installation folder location to help the detection of the library during CMake configuration step.

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