Optional 3rd parties for model-based tracker module

ViSP model-based tracker module may use several optional third-party libraries which are: opencv, xml2 and coin libraries.

Recommended optional 3rd parties

You don’t need to install all these dependencies. The next table gives the recommended library that should be installed to enable some ViSP capabilities.

3rd party logo-linux logo-apple-alpha logo-win-alpha Capabilities
settings OpenCV ++ ++ ++ Keypoint feature tracking
settings xml2 ++ ++ ++ Model-based tracker parameters setting

Other optional 3rd parties

The following table shows the capabilities that could be obtained with the other optional 3rd party library.

3rd party  logo-linux  logo-apple-alpha  logo-win-alpha Capabilities
settings coin + + + VRML CAD model reading
settings ogre + + + Augmented reality and model-based tracker visibility
settings pcl + + + MBT with depth feature


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