ViSP contributors

ViSP initial authors are Eric Marchand, Fabien Spindler and François Chaumette.

Fabien Spindler is now the main developer and manager of the project.

ViSP was optimized and extended by the contribution of the other people that are or were members of the ViSP team.

Manikandan Bakthavatchalam Odile Bourquardez François Chapeau
Andrea Cherubini Jason Chevrie Giovanni Claudio
Christophe Collewet Andrew Comport Amaury Dame
Bertrand Delabarre Vincent Drevelle Claire Dune
Guillaume Fortier Melaine Gautier Olivier Kermorgant
Alexandre Krupa Jean Laneurit Ezio Malis
Nicolas Mansard Rafik Mebarki Nicolas Melchior
Noël Mériaux Filip Novotny Marwan Osman
Muriel Pressigout Anthony Remazeilles Bruno Renier
Anthony Saunier Romain Tallonneau Romeo Tatsambon Fomena
Céline Teulière Thi Thanh Hai Tran Souriya Trinh
Aurélien Yol    

We would like to thanks also following people for their contributions:

  • Olivier Kermorgant for his data logger library that allows to save among others ViSP containers (vpPoseVector, vpColVector) as YAML files that could be plot offline. This contribution is available from
  • Thomas Moulard for his contribution during his PhD at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France, in providing visp_tracker, a package that allows to use ViSP moving edge tracker in ROS framework and for his help to introduce ViSP as a Debian package and Ubuntu package;
  • Lucas Lopes Lemos and Guillaume Laurent from FEMTO-ST, AS2M departement, Besançon, France for their contribution to the CMU 1394 Digital Camera SDK wrapper;
  • Tom Larkworthy from Ocean Systems Lab, Heriot-Watt University for his post on Edinburgh Hacklab concerning Optical Localization for Robot Arms: Initial Experiments, a use case example with ViSP;
  • Pierre Rouanet who packaged ViSP 2.10.0 for OSX with homebrew and for the development of PyViSP, a Python binding for some ViSP capabilities. This contribution is available from;
  • Thibaud Hulain that did the packaging for ArchLinux;
  • Olivier Sallou that is now our Debian sponsor who help us to bring the releases in Debian;
  • and many others for suggestions, patches and bug reports.

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